YouTube Music to Roll Out Custom Radio Playlist Feature Soon

Google has recently announced that YouTube Music is launching a new feature to help users make custom radio playlists. The addition of this feature is one that should come as welcome news to fans of the platform. However, this isn’t the only feature that will be coming to the service.

Add to Queue feature

YouTube Music is launching a new feature that’s not only going to make saving songs in your queue easier, but it’s also going to help you create your own custom radio playlist. It’s a feature that’s currently in testing, and will be available to everyone soon.

When you’re listening to a song on YouTube, you’ll see a small queue of songs in the bottom right corner. The queue will contain a few songs, but if you click the “Add to queue” button, you can add all of the songs in the queue to a custom radio playlist.

The new feature hasn’t been widely implemented, though, and it’s only available in the YouTube app for iOS and Android. It’s probably a server-side rollout. If you have an Apple ID, you can play songs in the queue by double-clicking the song, or moving them to the top of the queue with your finger.

Smart downloads

YouTube Music has just launched a new feature called “Smart Downloads”. It can download your favorite songs offline. The smart downloads feature can be enabled on the Library & Downloads page.

It also allows users to download songs based on their listening history. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, YouTube Music will refresh the songs stored in your device’s nightly downloads. In addition, it will automatically download the most listened-to albums.

As part of its update, YouTube Music has also introduced the Offline Mixtape. This new feature works by allowing you to download up to 100 songs. It is based on your listening history, and will automatically add songs based on the number of times you have listened to them. You can choose the number of songs you want to download in the slider on the Offline Mixtape page.

Upload music to YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app allows you to search for songs, add them to playlists, and even upload your own music. However, it’s not the easiest to use on the first go.

One of the features that YouTube has been testing is a “Create a radio” feature. It will let you select some of the artists you’ve liked and create a radio station. The feature will be available to a wider audience soon.

Another cool feature is a new “Add to playlist” UI. In the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see a pill-shaped “New playlist” button. Click it to open a new window with a list of the recent tracks you’ve played. You can then choose which ones to upload.

You can also set an alarm to a YouTube Music playlist. It only works on Android, though.

Spotify has a lot more features

If you’re looking for music streaming services, you’ve probably noticed that Spotify has a lot more features than its competitor YouTube Music. In fact, the service combines a big library of songs with an array of playlists. It also has plenty of non-music features to make it stand out.

The free version of Spotify only has a couple of playlists. However, users can create up to six Daily Mixes. These playlists feature the best tracks of the week and are based on the music tastes of the user. The Discover Weekly playlist is a good example.

Spotify also has the capability of recommending songs to you based on your past listening habits. This is a feature which is consistently lauded by tech enthusiasts.

Spotify also has a sleep timer which can stop playback for five or more minutes. This allows you to save bandwidth for other activities.

Apple Music, Qobuz, offer a high-res listening experience

Qobuz is a music streaming service with a large catalog of songs. It offers users a high-resolution listening experience and allows for downloading of music.

While Qobuz is not the most popular music streaming service, it is a great choice for audiophiles who want top-notch audio quality. The service supports WAV, ALAC and FLAC, and it’s compatible with desktops and mobile devices. A free trial is available.

Although Qobuz has a very large catalog of songs, it isn’t quite as expansive as other services. It also lacks social sharing features, such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s not as easy to use, and the user interface isn’t as intuitive.

Compared to other services, Qobuz’s pricing is a little steep. There are three subscription options. You can choose between the basic plan and the sublime plan, which offers higher-quality music for a discounted price.

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