Google Chrome Rolls Out Three Address Bar Search Shortcuts

Google Chrome has just rolled out three new Address Bar Search Shortcuts, letting you easily search your history, bookmarks, and tabs. With so many things to do on the internet, it’s important to have easy access to your favorite features.


Google Chrome has rolled out three new address bar search shortcuts that can be used to find specific content or bookmarks. These shortcuts are easy to remember and leverage Google’s search knowledge. These shortcuts are available in the desktop application and the browser’s address bar.

The @history shortcut allows you to discover sites that were previously opened but have since been closed in your Chrome session. This allows you to cut down on the time you spend searching through your history.

The @tabs shortcut is designed to make it easier for you to find the tab you want to open. It is a handy feature for those with a large number of tabs to choose from. The shortcut will also let you search for tabs that are currently open.

The @bookmarks shortcut works in a similar way. Instead of just searching for a bookmark, you can use the shortcut to search all your bookmarks, which can be found in your bookmarks folder.

In addition to these shortcuts, Google Chrome has added the ability to zoom in on search results. It’s a neat little feature that allows you to zoom in on the resulting search. This is useful if you’re looking for a specific keyword, but don’t want to scroll through a long list of results.


Google Chrome rolls out three address bar search shortcuts that make it easier to find content and tabs in the browser. In addition to bookmarks and history, users can now easily search for open tabs using these new shortcuts.

The @tabs and @history shortcuts allow users to search for tabs and websites, respectively. The tabs shortcut is particularly helpful for people who have a lot of tabs open. This feature is also useful if you frequently have to switch between tabs.

The @history shortcut is similar to the @tabs shortcut, in that it lets users search for sites that were not previously opened in Chrome. The history feature is available for both desktop and mobile users. If you haven’t used the feature before, it’s easy to get started.

The “new tab” button in the overflow menu also works as a shortcut for this feature. This is particularly convenient for users who are not used to the tab switcher.

The “@” shortcut is another recent addition to the Chrome toolbar. Users can use this shortcut to search for a specific website in the Chrome address bar. The results will appear in the omnibox. The user can then press the space bar to go to the page.

The “@bookmarks” shortcut is another recently added site shortcut. This shortcut enables users to quickly and easily browse all of their bookmarks. The @bookmarks feature searches across all of the bookmark folders. The site can also be searched by category.


If you are a Chrome user, you have probably noticed that there is a new feature rolled out. You can now search your open tabs and history by simply pressing ‘@’.

This new feature is a great way to find your bookmarks and browse your browsing history. It is also helpful for those who have a lot of tabs. The feature can also help users who are looking for something specific.

Google has recently introduced three new “@” shortcuts for Chrome. These are all designed to make it easier for you to search. You can now search your bookmarks, tabs and history with ‘@’ in the address bar.

The ‘@’ button is a common symbol on the Internet, but you may not know that it can be used to do things like search for an open tab. You can also use the @ symbol to search a topic, or even add it to your list of topics. You can do this by pressing ‘@’ and choosing ‘Search tabs’ from the drop down menu.

In addition to these new features, you can now share a website or page with your friends. This feature is called ‘Share’, and is available in the overflow menu. You can also press the close icon to dismiss the notification.

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