MIUI 14 Changelog Leaked Ahead of Xiaomi 13 Series Launch

The launch of the Xiaomi 13 series is just days away, and in anticipation of the phone’s release, the MIUI 14 changelog has leaked. This changelog includes new features and changes, such as a redesigned user interface, inter-device connectivity, and more.

Inter-device connectivity

The MIUI 14 update is slated to be released on the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s latest smartphones. The updated software has been designed to improve inter-device connectivity. It will also provide end-to-end privacy features.

One of the key changes in the update is a new homescreen layout. It will use a variety of shapes to group contents and display them in different ways. It will also have more widgets and widget formats. This is an improvement over the current home screen.

Another change that the MIUI 14 has introduced is an improved search function. The company says that it has improved search results sorted by categories. The update has also redesigned its paired-device interface.

The Mi AI voice assistant will gain more capabilities, including a scanner, document scanning, and call assistant with spam call filter. It will also be able to transcribe meetings and live streams on the go.

Performance improvements

The upcoming MIUI 14 software update for the Xiaomi 13 series will introduce various improvements. These include new widget formats and improved system architecture. These improvements will improve performance and boost the stability of pre-installed apps. This will also help in saving power.

The new MIUI update will provide better security and privacy features. It will enable users to uninstall unwanted applications. Moreover, it will offer more personalisation options. This will make the experience of using a smartphone more seamless.

The new MIUI software will be lighter and faster. It will use less memory and take up less storage space. It will also feature advanced search capabilities. It will come with a new design language.

Another improvement is the support for eight languages. It will also feature a dedicated section on interconnectivity.

Remove ads and bloatware

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, you may be wondering how to remove ads and bloatware. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get rid of the annoying ads and widgets.

First, you will need to enable USB debugging on your phone. This will allow you to write ADB commands. Once your phone is connected to a computer, you can use ADB to uninstall the bloatware.

Next, you’ll need to locate the MIUI System Ads (MSA). This is the service responsible for delivering ads on your device. It can be found in Additional Settings.

You’ll also want to disable the Google Play Store’s recommendation feature. This will not eliminate the ads, but it should be enough to make the ads a bit less annoying.

Lastly, you’ll need to check the build number of your phone. You can find this by opening the settings app and scrolling down to passwords and security.

Redesigned user interface

MIUI is the custom Android skin developed by Xiaomi. It offers a variety of customization options and interesting features. This custom skin is designed to improve the user experience.

The new version of the software has been redesigned to be faster and lighter. This will help save battery power. It also provides better performance for pre-installed apps. Compared to previous versions, MIUI 14 runs 60 percent smoother.

In addition to the redesigned interface, MIUI 14 includes several interesting features. These include a ‘Super Icon’ option, which makes your home screens look much more attractive. It also features improved privacy protection features, including a new ‘Memories’ feature. It will let you set up groups of up to eight people and share your albums with them. It will even enable you to set shared albums as screensavers on TV.

Auracast radio transmission feature

One of the new features of Xiaomi’s MIUI 14 is support for Auracast radio transmission. Auracast is a frequency modulation (FM) based radio transmission feature. It allows multiple headphone users to listen to a radio station through a single device.

The feature also allows a single device to act as an FM radio station. It can be used to broadcast a private channel to a group of users. It works by transmitting an audio signal through Bluetooth LE and is a next-generation wireless audio technology. It can also reduce the latency of audio.

Another feature included in the MIUI 14 is the ability to support multiple headphones. Users can connect to the device through Bluetooth LE and use the headphones to receive and transmit audio. The system will then detect the number of connected headphones and automatically assign them to different groups.

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