Nothing Phone 1 Gets Android 13-Based Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta Update

The Nothing Phone 1 has been rumored for months and the latest development is that it is getting the Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta update. This should bring some improvements to the user experience, including Do not disturb, FPS display, and more. This update is available now, so be sure to install it if you’re interested in the Nothing Phone 1.

Google Game Dashboard

Earlier this year, Nothing Phone (1) launched in the market. It was a budget Android smartphone. It was based on Android 12. However, the company has since rolled out its latest build based on Android 13.

Among its many features, the new build brings a lot of changes. For starters, it adds the Google Game Dashboard. With it, users can enjoy better performance and a smoother user experience while playing games. The dashboard also supports screenshots, FPS display, Do Not Disturb, and screen recording.

In addition to the Google Game Dashboard, the updated version of Nothing OS 1.5 comes with a number of new features and upgrades. In particular, the update has improved the Game Mode and includes an improved UI for volume control. It also includes a “self-repair” feature, which automatically clears unused caches and system dumps. In fact, the update increases the speed of app loading by 50%.

The new Nothing OS also adds a new Weather app, Material You integration, and multi-language support. It also has a QR code scanner, granular media controls, and notification control.

FPS display

Nothing Phone 1 has just been given a new Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta Update. The upgrade demonstrates the capabilities of the Android platform while making several improvements to the phone’s hardware and software.

The open beta version of the software features several features that are not always bundled with other Android updates. Its highlights include an improved Game Mode, a QR code scanner in the Quick Settings panel, better Bluetooth pop-up windows, and Do Not Disturb. Other notable features include a better camera, an enhanced weather app, improved media player notifications, and a redesigned Media player.

Not all users are able to access the Open Beta program simultaneously. Those who do will receive the update in phases.

The new software update will bring numerous improvements including Do Not Disturb, FPS display, a new UI for volume control, a dashboard, and a number of other enhancements. In addition, the new upgrade also brings better quick settings such as a pop-up window for Bluetooth devices and an improved volume control with a slider.


Nothing Phone 1 users are being offered the Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta update. The company’s CEO Carl Pei recently shared a screenshot of the update.

The update is based on Android 13 and brings a number of new features. It will increase app loading speeds by up to 50%. It will also feature a new QR code scanner button in the Quick Settings menu. It will include improved Game Mode, foreground services, and new notification permissions. It also comes with a customised UI for Volume Control.

Another notable feature is the updated Google Game Dashboard. This dashboard includes screen recording and FPS display. It also supports Do Not Disturb mode and allows users to close active background apps from the notification center.

The update is not yet available for all users, and will likely take a few days to reach everyone. It’s important to note that the firmware is not fully-flashed, so it may not be compatible with some apps or services. To update, head to Settings> System> System Update.

Do not disturb

A new beta version of Nothing OS is now available for users who have signed up for the program. It will feature several upgrades to the Nothing Phone. It is based on Android 13 and will be released in early 2023.

The update will add new features, like a Weather app with company-specific UI, a QR code scanner in the notification panel, and granular media controls. It also features a clipboard preview, which lets users edit and paste text before sending it to an email or text message.

Before installing the update, it is important to make a full backup of your data. In addition, it is advised that you take a full factory reset before installing. In case you do not, your phone may experience an Error 20.

The update offers a 50% increase in app loading speed. It also includes Material You theming and customization. It also includes a custom weather app, with support for different languages.

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